Monday, November 13, 2006

What a Great Day!

I left my house around 8am by car and returned home on foot about 12 hours later, but it was a good day. First, class was not so bad and seemed to pass quickly today (althought I really didn't want to go), Patrick visited on my break - he had a morning appointment with a professor where he found out his American course would transfer for the German course he needed. I then went to get my letter of intent and it was ready and I got some visa advice along with it, then McDonald's happened and I had Sprite Zero for the first time (minor excitement), then Patrick dropped me off for my first day of my part time job at VW in Wolfsberg (can't talk about it as I signed a confidentiality agreement) and I tood the train home all by myself without screwing anything up, I stopped at the grocery store for a baguette and cream cheese and arrived home safe and sound thought a bit wet. It it as not raining it may have been a perfect day. I hear it is going to get warm here (18*C) around Thursday, here's to hoping! Guten Abend! German Observation: Trains here have a reputation in America of being on time, not so true.

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