Friday, November 17, 2006

This Night

So I convinced Patrick that we should go to IKEA, not to buy anything but just for fun...okay we bought some stuff. The coolest thing we bought was a paper lantern lamp which went perfectly with my plan to rearrange the bedroom in anticipation of putting my desk in tomorrow. I am currently sitting on my rug/yoga mat typing this. Anyway, my computer manages to injure me in the process. I guess this is my first ever computer induced injury. The battery box thing on the cord fell right on my face as I was lifting it. So these are the photos of my new room arraingement and injury, it is more swollen in real life and I hope it is better when I wake up. Guten Abend!

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Anonymous said...

I got robbed by temp today, you got a black eye from the laptop! It was an ominous day for M&J... I hope V fared well. Yipes!