Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Back

I have been avoiding blogging because I wanted to surprise my family with a Thanksgiving visit last weekend. This may seem like two unrelated points but there was one time in the past I tried to surprise my family for Christmas and, without thinking, I blogged about my upcoming trip which resulted in my aunt reading my blog and calling my parents and my surprise being ruined even before I got stuck in Toronto overnight due to a snow storm 2 days before Christmas.

I was only in RI for about 4 days making this my shortest visit across the Atlantic but it was so great to have a weekend surronded by family who I have felt out of touch from over the past year. Thanksgiving was loud and overwhelming and so very American and I loved it. 36 lbs spread over two turkeys plus two hams is an indulgence Europeans would not even think of. And 20ish people together in my aunt's dining room/kitching/den was comforting.

And driving...I now have a liscence again it feels like I just turned 17! Pictures to come.

My only regret was I was not there long enough to have time to catch up with friends. Also, I never left my German time zone which meant I was awake at 4 am and in bed each night by 7pm so my days were not exactly compatiable with anyone.