Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I know new year's resolutions are boring and have a reputation of not being followed through on. I also know it's not even the first week of January. But I tend to be a procrastinator and often give up on long term goals if no one is watching. So, for the sake of accountability, I will pretend I have readers and put my resolutions or rather goal for 2012 out there on the Internet for all to see.

2012 Goals

#1) Successfully complete my Dr. degree - this is really the most important thing I can and will do this year.

#1a) Be proud of anything I put my name on, specifically as it applies to paper writing - this will  hopefully work on the procrastination induced stress habit I have.

#2) Lose 7kg via sustainable methods and sustain healthy habits beyond 2012.

#3) Sell mostly all of my belongings before moving at the end of the year.

#4) Be happy and make time for things that will make me happy. :)

#5) No shopping before June (hopefully by then I will have lost those 7kg) In 2009 I didn't buy anything (aside from food and such) for the whole year, this year I aim for 6 months and then will reevaluate.

#6) Visit a new continent.

#7) Start project 365 on my birthday and keep it up

#8) Finish the year with holidays in RI and make time to visit the ocean.

Bonus: Take kite surfing lessons in north Germany (if I get the chance to do this there will be many photos to share but it depends on improving my core strength as well as finding the time for travel and lessons which may push it to 2013 but it is surely on my bucket list).

Those are my mostly spontaneous previously thought out goal for 2012. To keep myself in check, I will check in every couple of months or so and see how they are going. So far, I've gotten started on a couple and are happy with my progress but it's still January so that barely counts as an accomplishment. Maybe I should have added a line about the blog but I still am not able to make the daily commitment necessary to recruit readers, maybe some day.