Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Time to pack for my vacation! Since I had so much fun with my virtual packing assignment for lil g's week by the sea, I think I will bring my camera to my closet and pack myself with a virtual tag along. I'm in the mental packing phase this week and hope to start the actual packing on the weekend.

Any pre-packing advice? How many dresses and shoes do I need for 7 days? It's clear I need at least 5 swim suits. Beach fedora - chic or so 2000 and late?

Monday, August 05, 2013


I just feel like I'm melting. I can't move or wear clothes. It is too hot. But I secretly prefer this to cold and rain and snow. So, bring it on summer! I promise to go swimming after work tomorrow and enjoy the heat. Today, I spent my evening with my book, my fan and my computer. Unfortunately the plug on the fan is not long enough to allow me to comfortably use the computer and the fan at the same time. As I typed that I realized I could have moved my lap top. My actual solution was o use my lap top for some online shopping. Want to see what I bought? All from C. Wonder and all for less than $100. #summersalescore

Red cardigan

This cozy cotton cable knit in white (how could I not buy that)

I also got a coral and white striped sweater and a lemonade and grey striped T. Clearly it was necessary to buy 3 sweaters and a long sleeve T in August. I wanted gold leather sandals with nautical embellishment (red coral) but they sold out since I put them in my cart last week. If only they would ship directly to me, I could buy more seasonably appropriate bikinis but the spring / fall sweaters will be a nice treat when I get them.

Now I'm off to bed where I can lay in front of my fan and cool down a bit while dreaming about swimming in the river tomorrow.