Sunday, July 29, 2007


Hey is that a giant clam cake? Clam cakes outside of New England - can't be. I soon learn my eyes have decieved me. What looked like a clam cake, that funny brown shape of fried slopp that could be nothing else in RI is actualy fried colliflower in Germany. That's right, they deep fry vegetables in batter and eat as a side dish. It's pretty common. For some reasons Americans have a bad reputation for deep frying things like Oreos and twinkies and even ice cream. I somehow think it makes more sense to deep fry a dessert, which is already bad for you, than to take a perfectly good vegetable and turn it into a fatty greesy dish. However, Germans are not as obsese as Americans as a society. I believe since Germans actualy walk places or ride bicycles as modes of transportation they can eat fatty things and still stay slim. I'm off to eat dinner which consists of no fried vegetables.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In case you forgot what I look like...

The first photo is in Heikendorf watching the parade of Tall Ships, oddly enough the 4 or 5 masted local ship was not involved as it was at the TAll Ships festival in Newport, RI.
Next photo is a group at the new bier garten near the University from the begining of July.
Then Patrick and I in Wolfenbuettel (sp?) when I convinced him we should go to a festival but it was actualy in Wolfsberg. Who puts wolf in the name of two neighboring towns?!?!
The next photo is me in the airport on the way to Madrid. I believe that's in the Munich airport but I was exhausted either way becasue I had to wake up at 4am to begin my journey!
Finaly, I made it to the Eifel tower. I think the flash didn't work becasue the batteries were dying but at least the photo came out. I still love the Eifel tower even if I don't know why.


At the airport, the only time I have to reflect these days. This is from a couple of weeks ago but I've been "totally consumed" and forgot to put it up. From the outside, I somehow look American. I’m wearing a non descriptive solid white polo with the collar popped when it wants to cooperate and my standard, non-marked Lucky Brand jeans rolled up twice. Flip flops on the bottom, a brown leather belt in the middle and sun glasses on the top. Topped off with silver studs, my silver anchor necklace and a silver bracelet. As I did not see any business colleagues this morning, I took the liberty of dressing casual. I think I look like your standard traveler but still shop workers speak to me in English, even when I sprechen Deutsch. I carry a Longchamp bag which is European in origin (although I bought mine in the Miami airport). I had a black rolling suitcase which I was forced to check in Madrid, but that airport is a whole other story. I opened my bag to take out my lap top and realized just how sophisticated the inside of my bag looks. I’m carrying a lap top, a planner, a leather airline ticket holder, my purse, a book and the Europe edition of the Financial Times. I smiled and then realized I was sitting in front of the wrong gate so I had to pause and get that sorted. My ticket says gate G24 so when I was let off at gate G16, I walked to the left a few gates, stopping at a few shops along the way and then waited patiently as the flight before mine boarded. Once that flight left, the marquee changed to Egypt and that’s not where I want to be. There was a notice scrolling under of a Berlin flight that moved, also not mine so I went to the counter, the first woman directed me to her colleague who sent me to Gate 3 after reprimanding me for not using the electronic monitor – sorry I trusted the gate printed on my ticket to be correct! Anyway, I just completed a journey of 11 gates which is actually quite a distance. My first gate was in the center of the airport, surrounded by small cafes and fancy shops. As I walked I noticed the smokers area was a glass box complete with a roof and several smoke eating devices inside, very impressive. As I walked further away from the shops to my new gate, I started smelling smoke. I soon realized my nose was not lying the next smoking area was literally open space with a few ashtrays and a large yellow sign depicting a cigarette hanging from the ceiling. This reminded me that I am still in Europe. As I sit now, about 50 yards from that last smoking area I can still smell smoke. Why bother? Time for boarding. Will finish later…

Friday, July 06, 2007

Havve You Seen My Bier?

We had a 4th of July BBQ here. It was super last minute as I decided in the morning that I wanted a BBQ since I was missing all of the festivities (including a day off) that were taking place stateside. Patrick organized an impromptu phone tree to get the word out, we bought some groceries, made some salad and dips and had a BBQ at 8pm. It rained at least 4 times during the day but only once during our BBQ and about a dozen people showed up on such short notice so I think it was a success. I had fun at least. Anyway, as a result of the BBQ, we had two half cases of beer (bier since it is German) left over. We live on the second floor and had a lot of stuff to carry so we left them in the Hallway Wednesday night. This seemed like a great idea and outher people in the house have left their beer in the hallway at times. Yesterday, Patrick came home from the movies to notice one of the cases missing. Who would take 1/2 a case of Beck's? and on top of that, who knew it was there. Our door is in the back of the house so for someone to be walking by and decide to steal the beer it not likely, Three out of our 6 neighbors were at the BBQ so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't steal the beer as they know its origin and why would our other neighbors steal beer from inside the house? That is not a way to make friends! Anyway, Patrick posted a sign to day, let's see if it gets any response. The value is not high, 1/2 case of beer + about 5 EUR in deposits but the point is no one should take things from the apartment. I hope we find out what happened mostly out of curiousity but I don't think anyone will come foward and say hi I stole your beer, here it is.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Incubated Weekend

It's only just after 4pm on Sunday and I'm exhausted from the weekend. So much for a relaxing weekend, but it was a really good weekend. Yesterday started with a lot of apartment cleaning which was way over due and planned to happen and then we found out a friend was going ot be ini town and he needed a place to stay so we had extra motivation to clean the place. I finaly got my office into proper order, which is super exciting. Too bad my computer has now locked me out :( Anyway, we started yesterday with happy hour at this Mexican restaurant downtown called Sausilitos, they have great cocktails and the best salsa I've had in all of Germany. Naturaly I had nachos for dinner too. It worked out that three friends from Germany/US who have sinced moved out of Braunschweig were in town this weekend so it was really great to see eveyone. I always enjoy hanging out with other Americans. Anyway, following Happy Hour we all went back to one guy's apartment, with a balcony to hang out befor going to the Jazz fest in town but we never made it to the Jazz fest. On the way to his apt, I got to know this the new roomate of a friendwho has an interesting story. He is Mexican, studied in Sweeden and then got a job in Sweeden which sent himti germany. We instantly got along as our German language skills are about he same but he speeak great English and I like new friends, especialy of the English speaking variety. The night was filled with good people, good conversation, local beer and flips, what more do you need. We all agreed to reconviene in the morning for brunch which was followed by a trip to a new beer garten located actoss the street from the university, a short trip to our apartment, and another gathering at an eis cafe and then a trip to the train station to say good bye to our guest. Now, I'm finaly home and may have evening plans for a board game night so I must nap. ciao!