Sunday, July 01, 2007

Incubated Weekend

It's only just after 4pm on Sunday and I'm exhausted from the weekend. So much for a relaxing weekend, but it was a really good weekend. Yesterday started with a lot of apartment cleaning which was way over due and planned to happen and then we found out a friend was going ot be ini town and he needed a place to stay so we had extra motivation to clean the place. I finaly got my office into proper order, which is super exciting. Too bad my computer has now locked me out :( Anyway, we started yesterday with happy hour at this Mexican restaurant downtown called Sausilitos, they have great cocktails and the best salsa I've had in all of Germany. Naturaly I had nachos for dinner too. It worked out that three friends from Germany/US who have sinced moved out of Braunschweig were in town this weekend so it was really great to see eveyone. I always enjoy hanging out with other Americans. Anyway, following Happy Hour we all went back to one guy's apartment, with a balcony to hang out befor going to the Jazz fest in town but we never made it to the Jazz fest. On the way to his apt, I got to know this the new roomate of a friendwho has an interesting story. He is Mexican, studied in Sweeden and then got a job in Sweeden which sent himti germany. We instantly got along as our German language skills are about he same but he speeak great English and I like new friends, especialy of the English speaking variety. The night was filled with good people, good conversation, local beer and flips, what more do you need. We all agreed to reconviene in the morning for brunch which was followed by a trip to a new beer garten located actoss the street from the university, a short trip to our apartment, and another gathering at an eis cafe and then a trip to the train station to say good bye to our guest. Now, I'm finaly home and may have evening plans for a board game night so I must nap. ciao!

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