Saturday, June 16, 2007


"The begining of the summer brings back the memory of days with less responsibility and more fun" I saw that comment on someone's MySpace wall and it really hit home. Summer brings with it an air of freedom. While I was super busy at the begining of last summer, I had the excitement of graduation. followed by a hellish schedule of summer classes and work. That being said, I had August to spend at the beach working temp jobs, shopping and just enjoying life. Since I worked so much May- July, I was able to afford a month of relaxation. Now I've just started a new job and I'm feeling in over my head. In need of some summer relaxation. The nicer it gets the more I cures myself for not becoming a teacher. It just makes me try to thin of a way to have an out door job. I ealize I like the professional responsibility and the people I meet in my job but I would be happier with less stress and more outdoors. How can I make this happen? Well if I had abalcony, I suppose I could work out doors and if I was overlooking the ocean I could mitigate at least some of the stress. Summer makes me miss the freedom of being a student and think of turning to a career in acadamia. Then I ask myself if this is what I really want. I want the soft salt water of the ocean on my skin and the sticky feeling in my hair. I want to wear flip flops and skirts, I want to be care free. I wonder if I'll ever have that again. I'll take the mountains and Orford beach over a city any summer day. I always knew I was not made for the city. Somehow, I still want to work in NYC when I return to the US. I think that is because I know it is not so far from the coast and I have friends there. To be lonely in a city is different than to have friends to keep you entertained. Cities are convient too, things are accessible and shops are open late. Cars are not necessary. I still want to move to NYC but I never wanted to stay more than a few years. I feel the same way about Germany, a few years is enough. Although I'm naking a serious commitment to German learning and I've brought Patrick on board and given him some responsibility and motivation to teach me so we shall see. Sometimes I wonder if I would have been happier as a nomad. The problem is I like the lifestyle a real job can make possible, I want a nice house and I want things. I guess I'm just a product of marketing and America, what can I say.

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