Tuesday, June 12, 2007

IMPORTANT -Read the post below first

Don't here until you've read the post below. It was so invigorating, she decided to go for a run, she she threw on some shorts, grabed the pod for a little inspiration a la Justin and headed off around the block. The top two photos are the immediate results and the bottom 2 are post the post-run shower with a hing of gel for control. She is still happy, no worries, the small tail is gone from the back and she plans to see a proper hair stylist this week to clean it up. After all, she's not tha much of a hippie :)


Melissa said...

Aww that's so cute! I like you with short hair a la Maywood fall. I especially like the bit about cultivating it for others. How are you going to get it to Wigs for Kids?? Is there a group in Germany?

American Girl said...

You're sending me a package here, why wouldn't I be able to mail it home? I like the short too, I just need to get a hair dresser to even it out.

Walzi said...

I like the look, but to be honest, I expected something quite different when you heralded a "dramatic change" in your life. Well, I guess only women can think that way about a hair cut and write three gazillion words about it. ;)

But it sure was a nice story to read, and hey, as I said: I like it. What about Patzer?