Friday, June 15, 2007

Does it Ever End?

I think you will agree with me if you are in your first (or even second or third) job. We all have those Devil Wears Prada Moments, the ones where you realize you're expected to work more hours than you signed up for and you're not doing it for the pay but for the future reccomendation. I've been having a whole week of these moments. Somehow, looking to the future is always my motivation, just get through this week and the next will be easier but it hasen't been that way yet and just when I think I've caught up and organized the road ahead something comes up. This week it was a postponed event, one less thing to do next Friday but one nbigger headache for the fall. I thought it would get easier in the summer, we shall see. If only I were getting paid by the hour, I think I would not mind as much. Just remember, a million girls would kill for your job, haha.

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