Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Back Again

This was likely my longest blog hiatus ever. Life happens and while this should be a place to record it, sometimes I just want nothing to do with typing or a computer in my free time so moments get missed. So much life has happened since last summer when I left off.

First there was Greece. Kos was the island we stayed on and below is the view from my blacony and the sunsetting at the airport on arrival.

There was a lot of travel in the second half of 2013. So much so that I realized I had visited 18 countries within the calendar year and now I realize I never wrote that post. I will write about that next as it deserves its own entry for posterity and photos.

A lot has happened in 2014 as well. Another own post which should be coming soon is related to a purchase made which once again involved travel. I really am working on frequent flyer status this year. I have done several additional congresses for work both in my normal capacity as a consultant and taking on more of a sales role which I really enjoyed despite the additioanl hours and stress it brought. I am thankful to that project for my free Fridays this summer. Which brings me back to travel since I have free Fridays this summer, I am trying to make the most of them and have been lucky enough to work out 3 seperate Friday trips with friends from near and far as well as a special 4th of July with P. I really am working on enjoying the downtime and soaking in the summer. Unfortunately it has been grey and rainy in Basel since last week. With a brief appearance of sunshine yesterday, the rain has returned. 

On the topic of enjoying my time and visitors, Art Basel happened last month and I was there for the second year in a row. I enjoed the 2013 show more but I cannot tell if it was because it was my first. I remember several of the pieces from last year fondly but I guess I can say that about this year as well. I would also say a highlight of this year was to view a few Picassos up close and personal, paintings which are in the hands of private collectors and not museums. I really do enjoy Picasso. We also got to take in Basel World for the first time in 2014 which was another overwhelming experience. The watches were nice but the jewels were beyond anything I expected and the stands blew my mind. Maybe it is an occupational hazard but I think I may have appriciated some of the stands more than the wares. My oldest friend was in town to work at the show and treated us to a behind the scenes tour. 

I guess I have my work cut out for me in catching up with a year of highlights and moving forward. 2014 has been anything but boring thus far.