Thursday, August 23, 2012

30 Before 30

I just celebrated my 29th birthday (for the first time) and decided some tiem ago, I wanted to get on board the 30 before 30 (30b30) train. In case you are unfamiliar, it'S a simple concept, set 30 goals and meet them before turning 30. Mostly I think it is appropriate to do in your 29th year but really, I guss you could amend for any age. I think it will be nice to set out some goals publically then come back and update as I meet them, a bit of extra social pressure if you will. So, here goes my list, in no particular order. I will update this post and highlight the goals as I achieve them.

1. Visit a new continent.

2. Visit a new country (separate from above).

3. Move to Switzerland (in progress I know but still big).

4. Get a career focused job.

5. Lose 5 Kg by Christmas (fail), 5 more by February and 5 more by June to be down 15 kg total by Aug.

6.  Swim twice a week May - August.

7. Apply for 3 jobs that are "reach" positions.

8. Run the MA half marathon (June).

9. Run twice a week for an hour each time.

10. Earn my Dr. title.

11. Learn to make 3 different 3-course dinner menus well.

12. Write and mail one card per month for 6 months.

13. Create an "adult" wardrobe - maintain both fashion and function.

14. Be more assertive in life.

15. Bake a birthday cake for someone else.

16. Sew 4 pillow covers. (I used iron hem tape but I did 24 and most have a hand sewn side so it counts)

17. Upholster the coffee table as an ottoman. - This needs to change as we threw out the coffee table.

18. Finish my second black chair and cover the drum chair.

19. Do something nice for soemone else, even if it is not easy.

20. Start a Kiva account.

21. Update this blog weekly.

22. Get my domain in line - email address functional and decide what to do with the page.

23. Do something nice for my extended family.

24. Spend time with my sister-in-law.

25. Climb a Swiss mountain.

26. Bike tour - somewhere that involves about 2 hours biking each way.

27. Run a 5k.

28. Run a 10k.

29. Hike somewhere wearing my new hiking boots.

30. Celebrate 30 with people I love. (booked Greece with P and Net98! anyone else want to join?!)

So, here I go! I have some personal fitness goals, alturistic goals, life enhancing goals, personal growth and plain enjoyment. Hopefully I can make it through all of them in the next 12 months. Photos to prove achievement will follow.