Sunday, July 29, 2007


Hey is that a giant clam cake? Clam cakes outside of New England - can't be. I soon learn my eyes have decieved me. What looked like a clam cake, that funny brown shape of fried slopp that could be nothing else in RI is actualy fried colliflower in Germany. That's right, they deep fry vegetables in batter and eat as a side dish. It's pretty common. For some reasons Americans have a bad reputation for deep frying things like Oreos and twinkies and even ice cream. I somehow think it makes more sense to deep fry a dessert, which is already bad for you, than to take a perfectly good vegetable and turn it into a fatty greesy dish. However, Germans are not as obsese as Americans as a society. I believe since Germans actualy walk places or ride bicycles as modes of transportation they can eat fatty things and still stay slim. I'm off to eat dinner which consists of no fried vegetables.

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