Friday, July 06, 2007

Havve You Seen My Bier?

We had a 4th of July BBQ here. It was super last minute as I decided in the morning that I wanted a BBQ since I was missing all of the festivities (including a day off) that were taking place stateside. Patrick organized an impromptu phone tree to get the word out, we bought some groceries, made some salad and dips and had a BBQ at 8pm. It rained at least 4 times during the day but only once during our BBQ and about a dozen people showed up on such short notice so I think it was a success. I had fun at least. Anyway, as a result of the BBQ, we had two half cases of beer (bier since it is German) left over. We live on the second floor and had a lot of stuff to carry so we left them in the Hallway Wednesday night. This seemed like a great idea and outher people in the house have left their beer in the hallway at times. Yesterday, Patrick came home from the movies to notice one of the cases missing. Who would take 1/2 a case of Beck's? and on top of that, who knew it was there. Our door is in the back of the house so for someone to be walking by and decide to steal the beer it not likely, Three out of our 6 neighbors were at the BBQ so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't steal the beer as they know its origin and why would our other neighbors steal beer from inside the house? That is not a way to make friends! Anyway, Patrick posted a sign to day, let's see if it gets any response. The value is not high, 1/2 case of beer + about 5 EUR in deposits but the point is no one should take things from the apartment. I hope we find out what happened mostly out of curiousity but I don't think anyone will come foward and say hi I stole your beer, here it is.

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American Girl. I need some more blog action. And no more articles about London and leggings!