Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Future...

I was sitting on the kitchen floor finishing up the painting project I started weeks ago and listening to my iPod on shuffle. John Mayer's 1983 came on and I started to put my life into perspective. When he sings about wanting to be 6 again I feel the same way. Well maybe not exactly but things were so much easier when I was in school and my future was just a far off dream. I wanted to be a dance teacher (briefly), an art teacher and then a marine biologist. I now have three degrees, all in the field of business and I want to be a business woman. When I think about why, I always come back to my original motivations, the clothes and power to make decisions. Are those really good reasons to choose one's life profession? I'm not sure but maybe that has something to to with my current situation. Right now I would say I'm a perpetual student currently learning German. I support constant learning but this is never what I wanted to do with my life. By now, I expected to have a job and be climbing the proverbial ladder. I'm not sure that I don't like where my life is right now. I'm happy. Soon I'll start teaching, not art but English. English as a second language and taking these German classes is going to be quite helpful as I'll be able to empathize with my students. It is just that I'm not working in the business world. I can't go anywhere with this job and I don't even have health insurance nevermind a 401K! Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out other times I love my life as it is. Two days ago, for the first time, I thought about going home and getting a real job and getting on with my life. I'm still undecided and I need to buy a plane ticket if I'm going to make it back here for training and to be able to start my job.

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