Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shopping Failure

I've been here for just about three weeks now and I have not bought a single article of clothing or pair of shoes for myself! If you know me, you instantly know this is a problem. This is more of a problem as there are items that I need since I packed a lot of "work" clothes and less casual everyday stuff and am not currently working. I have been trying to buy a jean skirt for the past 2 weeks to no avail. First of all, I think jean skirts are seasonless and a timeless fashion staple that is current with leggings. I packed 3 pairs of leggings (I am taking up yoga) and forgot my jean skirt. I did not think I would have trouble finding a replacement...wrong! Okay so Germany has H&M (like all of Europe) and I'm familiar with their type of clothing so I figure I'll have no problem finding a jean skirt there. They have one, it is calf length with ruffles, not cute. I wandered around downtown and didn't find another single jean skirt in about 8 shops. I tried again my next visit downtown also to no avail. The last time I was downtown (2 days ago) I spotted a window manican wearing a classic jean skirt (denim colored, short and straight). Excitedly, I went in scouring the racks. I found the jean skirts on the sale rack they had a blue one and a black one, none were my size...disapointment. However, this store was also very Forever 21 (not quality but the skirt was cheap) which is prob. why I missed it the first two tries. A similar store was next door and it had a ruffley model that was more teenie bopper than anything. I've pretty much given up on the jean skirt and asked my parents to mail mine to me or else I'm going without. In other shopping disapointment I am failing at buying black boots. All shoes here are either vinyl (yuck!) or really expensive or both. If you want leather shoes, expect to pay at least $100. This is kind of rediculous in my mind (I'm on a budget here!) as I have lots of nice leather shoes that I bought in the US for less than $100. How am I failing at shopping?!? Oh how I miss malls with chain stores where you a) know the quality of the merchandise you're getting b) can browse online before going to the store and c) are not paying top dollar for crappy stuff. I also miss Marshalls (my URI addiction), I'm getting desperate enough so that the Warwick mall is a super apealing option right now. I wish online stores would deliver here! P.S. Germans use the expression Super Duper

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