Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Ahh the Mensa, one of Patrick's favorite places to eat. The Mensa to Braunschweig Univrsity what the Ram's Den is to URI. Basicaly it is a cafeteria/social center. It is not unusual for us to go to the Mensa for lunch after class. The difference between the Mensa and the Den is that the Mensa is really cheap. Today I had currywurst (think a large hot dog minus the bun plus curry powder and ketchup) and fries and the whole plate cost 1.50 Euro. Patrick had some sort of duck with veggies and rice for under 3 Euro. As such sometimes non students can be found dining in the Mensa, particuarly those who are not well off. There is one notable character who frequents the dining room. This man is middle aged, rather large, baldine and beared. He appears to be homeless. I saw him once before in the Mensa nad once downtown crossing the street. Today he came up and started talking to me in German. Aparently he was asking if I was done with my food and if so could I give it to him. I hapily gave him the remaining 1/4 of my wurst and ketch-up soaked french fries. The rest of the table laughed and then told me that was the "Mensa Monster" he roams the Mensa and eats people's leftovers (and it seems he eats a lot by his appearance). To avoid the Mensa Monster, one must clear his or her plate. This has the makings of a scare tactic to get small children (Kinder) to eat their food.

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