Wednesday, November 29, 2006

On the Home Stretch

I can finaly see the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course I'm talking about my class and am equaly as excited for the class to be over as I am nervous for the final exam. I have class tomorrow and Friday, review on Monday and exam on Tuesday with the oral and spoken parts on Wednesday and Thursday (I think). My weakness is dictation and I just found out that that part will be worth 15 points out of a total of 65 and one point is subtracted for every mistake including spelling errors (my biggest problem) so it looks like I may lose 15 points right away! I really need to cram this weekend, I'm so nervous but so excited to have free time again and then 10 days later, I fly home for Christmas!! Ahhh it seems like time is suddenly passing by so quickly!! I still have so much I want to do and haven't even been to Berlin yet (or really anywhere touristy for that matter).

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