Thursday, November 02, 2006


This is a pute, this is also a Turkey, they are one and the same. When I first told Patrick that I wanted to have Thanksgiving in Germany and that we would need a turkey, he told me that they have pute, a different type of poultry. It is true that the German language has a different word for turkey (truthahn)and puten are often small (about 3-5 lbs.). Yesterday, I was determined to find out what a pute actualy was so I googled things like turkey in Germany. I found a discussion board where someone had asked how to order turkey meat and pute was the response. I even went to an online translator and found that pute translated to "turkey hen." I assumed a turkey hen was a small turkey but could not confirm. I asked Patrick what pute look like and he said they resemble ducks so I was once again unsure what type of poultry this was. This morning, thanks to we cleared up the confusion. Just in time too as we went to the grocery store yesterday and found out that we could order a pute for Thanksgiving and I didn't want a pute unless it was a turkey. Looks like we will be having turkey after all.

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