Saturday, November 11, 2006

What Germans Bring to the Papalcy...Beer

When we went to that drink shop I mentioned before, I noticed this beer display on the way out with the Pope on it. I pointed it out to Patrick and he explained that the Pope, who is of German origin, visited Germany recently and stopped at a Braueri (brewery). Here he blessed the current batch of beer. Upon hearing this I needed to own "Pope beer", of course there was some laughter involved first. Last week we returned to the drink store and I bought the beer. It was pricy by German beer staqndards but quite cheap if you're an american. 6 half liters cost 4.99 Euro or about $7. For comparison, the cheapest beer you can get costs 5 Euro for 20 half liters. It is made at the braueri by our house and they don't spend any money on advertising and invest minimal into packaging and labeling to keep the cost so low. I guess an average price for 20 half liters would be about 9 Euro. Of course there are deposits on everything here and like 10-15 cents per bottle so you want to return the bottles. Anyway, back to the Pope beer. I did a mini photo shoot of the packaging so you can fully grasp the rediculousness. The beer is called Hefe Hell, it is a heffiweitzer or wheat beer. Last night we drank some for the first time and it is not bad. I just love that the front of the bottle shows a cartoon version of the pope toasting (prosting in german) towards heaven and back of the bottle involves a photo of the actual pope drinking beer. Only in Germany!

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stcattck said...

Send us some Pope Beer! So fun! I'll display it at work!