Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Germany Learned Vs. Germany Actual

In International Business classes you learn that Germany is very efficient. Germany is also the country with the least context culture. I'll agree that Germans are straightfoward for the most part but I have a bone to pick with the efficiency in this country. Much like the rest of Europe, germany is less efficient than the US. I would say Germany is more efficuent than Italy as I have yet to witness a countrywide strike preventing air travel but I have only been her for about a month so I'm not ruleing it out. My latest bout with inefficiency involves my future employer. Last Friday I made an appointment with the director to pick up an important letter I need for my visa. Previously, I sent him emails on two occasions asking for this document but he did not answer so I called and det up the appointment. Today I went to my appointment and was greated by his assistant who apologized and explained that she called me to cancel the appointment as he was sick. I missed the call since I was in class with my phone off. She offered to reschedule for NEXT WEEK! I wanted to have the visa in process tomorrow not next week. I understand being sick and all but for the next 4 days he is out due to a throat irritation and no one else can help me. This is where I become frustrated. Since we made tha appointment on Friday he could have printed the letter Friday or even Monday and asked someone else to be sure I got it, maybe his very capable assistant. Not in Germany, here one person is to complete a task and if something prevents them from doing so, you wait, it is not reassigned. During times like these, I miss the American world of business and commerce.

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