Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I sat in class feeling like a bunch of ESL kids and then I realized we were the German version of ESL, GSL (I'm sure the abriviation would be different and longer in German). That's right today was my first language class and it was intense. First of all it is frustrating that everyone speaks different native languages. Of the 17 students the ethnic breakdown is as follows; 4 Chinese, 2 Korean, 4 Tunasian, 2 Russian, 1 Indian, 1 Greek, 1 Bangladesh, 1 Spanish and me. This means I can most effectively communicate with the guy from India as he seems to speak the best English. Most of the class is taught in German with a few instances of translation mostly in English (thankfully). Five hours of class is really draining, I haven't been in the same class this long (and not teaching it) since elementary school circa 1995. To make matters worse attendence at all classes is compulsory so I can NEVER take a day off. I guess that is actualy a good rule for learning the language. I have about an hour's worth of homework to do tonight and then it starts all over again tomorrow and every day of the week until Dec. 8th. I hope I make it. Mostly, I hope my German improves and that I can pass the tests.

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