Sunday, November 05, 2006

Getting to know the Neighbors

Last night, the guy upstairs had a birthday party (same birthday from halloween, he just waited to celebrate on Sat.) Random cultural information; Germans believe it is bad luck to celebrate or wish someone a happy birthday before their birthday, but after is perfectly acceptable. Anyway, this was the perfect platform to get to know the neighbors as the entire building was invited and most were present (aparently Boris has a reputation for hosting good parties). The party was fun and I now know who lives where. Here's a quick run down: On the ground floor you will find Tommy and Anna and thier daughter Lena (possibly the cutest blond child ever) We like them a lot, Patrick knew them before and as such they told him about this apt. They are very helpful and let us borrow things :) They are also quite fun. Anna is a photographer and Tommy is in a similar stage of studies as Patrick (about to finish). Next to Tommy and Anna are two people I don't know and did not get to know at the party. they have a large, unfriendly dog. I live on the first floor. Next door to us is Anya and her husband who likes to play ping pong. They have twin baby girls who are really cute but sometimes cry loudly in the morning when we want to sleep. Both are very nice, I see them outside smoking quite often. We adopted a tree from them, it is doing well. They also have a large dog but I think it is the friendliest dog in the building. Above us on the second floor lives this weird guy Stephan and I think his girl friend lives with him. I see him in the hallway quite often with his Rotweiler. I've never seen her prior to last night. He always looks like he is high. They are both quite young (he's around 20ish and she looks younger though I don't know). He is always around but never really talks to anyone which is why he has the reputation of being the weird guy in the place. Also, he took a shopping cart from the grocery store down the street and leaves it in the back yard then takes it shopping and brings it back to the yard. Next to him is Boris. He is always smiling and quite friendly. I caught him "cleaning" bu throwing things into a closte in no particular order and instantly knew we would get along. He also has a clothes dryer in said closet. Speaking of which we have this cool old fashioned key which aparently goes to the drying room which is in the building somewhere. I've yet to locate it but it sounds cool. Aparently no one uses it. On the top floor you will find Peter "Pete" and his wife Ulie or something. I like Pete, he's quite nice but I've never really spoken to his wife. They have no kids and no dogs. Rounding out the building also on the top floor is Robert. He has long curly blond hair and I thought he was a woman when I first met him. Then I heard him talk and felt he looked like a pirate as he was wearing jeans and a blue and white striped shirt. His girlfriend was at the party but I am not sure if she lives here or not. All of the above mentioned people smoke. This is a random entry I know but I just wanted to get it out there for now and celebrate that my computer is working again thanks to Patrick and Tommy.

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