Saturday, November 25, 2006


Here's a sampling of the day. I didn't get to take a picture of the cooked bird as the guys started carving it while I was still in the kitchen but it looked great. I made a game time decision to stuff the bird and it was filled with deasoning, bread, celery, onions, Chardonney, a hint of cranberries, and a bit of pear. I hear it came out well but I don't eat stuffing so all I can say is it smelled nice and completly overfilled the bird. The day went well, I learned a few more German normalities and passed along my family's tradition of having peach wine on Thanksgiving :) I put butter on the table thinking people may want it for thie r turnips or potatoes, etc. Patrick warned me that no one would know why thereis butter on the table. Sure enough, the butter went untouched. Also, if you look at the desserts people brought you will notice no pies or brownies or cupcakes or cheesecakes mostly pudding type dessrts and most included alcohol and raspberries. All together we had 11.5 people (Lena's 2 and thus counts as half of a person) and we squeezrd around one table. The turkey was about 12 pounds and despite my dad's warnings there are still enough leftovers to make a soup and maybe a few sandwiches tomorrow. Well for now I must go and take my post Thanksgiving nap...

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Anonymous said...

That food sure looks good...I'm sad I couldn't you know: I love food!

I hope next time you guys have a major meal together we'll be able to join, that'll be another 2 1/2 persons!