Thursday, November 23, 2006

Schule, TU BS

I took my camera to school 2 days ago and this is what I came up with. The really ugly building with all of the windows is mine. The building with the statue in front is where the auditorium is located (this is where the 1st year students have giant lectures). The bikes are typical. They are everywhere. The bike racks fill up early in the morning and people just drop the kickstand, throw on a lock and leave their bikes outside of buildings, on the edge of the sidewalk, in the plaza, etc. A lot of the bikes have been altered from thier original state. Baskets, independent carrying aparatus, child seats, etc are commonplace. After market paint jobs are frequent. People cover their seats in plastic bags to protect them from the rain, it is cute. I thought it was fitting to photograph the signs that someone had locked a bike too haha. The top photo is an aerial view from my classroom (6 floors up). The weather at the time is pretty typical around here - overcast with a chance of rain! I think I had more sun in London then in Braunschweig. On an unrelated note, Braunschweig is called Brunswick on most English maps in case you happen to be looking at a map of Germany and wondering where I am. The county is Lower Saxony and it's middle north on a map. Today is Thanksgiving in America, Parick met me after school and asked me if I would like a turkey sandwich for lunch. After learning that said turkey sandwich was from Subway I declined. It's just not the same. Instead I ate some sort of mexican chicken and veggies with french fries from the school cafeteria, in two days I will be cooking my first ever Thanksgiving turkey (Pute) here.

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