Friday, March 09, 2007

So Much is Happening

So Berlin deserves its own post but I haven't the time. We got back from Berlin Tuesday evening, Wed. was for getting things in BS done and early Thursday morning we left BS en route to Hamburg airport so I could fly to my job interview in London, Thursday evening, Patrick picked me up in HAM and we drove onto Keil where we will be until Sunday evening. I am begining to miss Braunschweig. The breakdown of recent events: Berlin - amazing, prob my second favorite sity in Europe besides London, then again no one in London or Berlin would say that London is part of Europe. There is so much to do and see that in 3 days, we really only hit the tip of the iceberg. There are over 70 museums alone in Berlin, including an island appropriately named museum island and holding nothing but museums. I have close to 200 photos and am trying to think of the best place to post them, snapfish, shutterfly or yahoo. I highly reccomend Berlin, we saw the parliment, Sony center, reminents of the wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Brendenburger Gate, DDR Museum, toured a bunker, toured the new Jewish holocost memorial, Guggenheim, the Berlin zoo and generaly took and the sights and history of the city. I ate a Berliner (see photo) and got a french vanilla iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts because they have so many DDs in Berlin! Ironicaly enough Berliner refers to both the donut-like pastry and a person from Berlin. Our hotel was quite nice, especialy for what we paid online and breakfast was included and there was a subway stop directly across the street, only it was closed for construction. Berlin as it is today is only a teenager. Its subway system leaves a lot to be desired but they do have double decker buses which are quite enjoyable. The Interview: The flight was amazing, first class on BA complete with hot towels and mini bottles of wine, leather seats and plenty of room. The interviewer was equaly as amazing, easygoing and friendly but with an air of effeciency and sofistication, she seems like she would make a gread boss. She also put me in touch with my African counterpart for a phone call. I really want this job and have pretty much told that to all. I will find out in 2 weeks. In the mean time, I'm working on the paperwork to be able to work and live in Germany. I am anticipating high levels of stress and anticipation by the end of week two if I don't hear anything by then. Keep your fingers crossed for me. There appears to be an excellent support system in the company and a good amount of autonomty in the job which make it ever so appealing. I would even be encouraged to move to London which I would enjoy. Keil: Nothing too exciting. Keil has the best pizza in gErmany I have decided and it is not even from an italian restaurant but more of a turkish grill. Tonight I will meet Patrick's friends from high school. I also got so excitecd for the interview my packing for the weekend was put on the back burner which leaves me with a random assortment of clothing and the black boots I wore with my suit, a back up pair of black sling back kitten heels, my Nikes, and flip flops both still in my bag from berlin so I've been wearing flip flops all day and will have to wear either black pants and heels or grey cargos with sneakers...neither choice is too goos as the only shirt I have to match the black pants is a brown sweater. I really need to work on my packing skills.


Melissa said...

J Darling I love you but did you really just spell "city" with an s??? Good God you're already forgetting the English language!

Don't worry, the broken English got me when I lived in France too.

Walzi said...

Much more important: "Kiel" is spelled, well, "Kiel". Not "Keil". That's something completely different :)
(Well, this city doesn't really matter, of course. It's all about the people there.)