Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A letter to Blog

Dear Blog, I am sorry for neglecting you. I have been teaching too many classes to get out and experience anything worth writing about. When I did experience notable things, I forgot them before I got home to write about them. I will work on this in the future. Maybe a I should carry a tape recorder at all times. Sincerely, ME On a life note, I bought dirt for my flowers. Currently the dirt is in its bag and the flowers have not met it. Introductions must happen tomorrow. If I can nurse these flowers back to health and keep them there Patrick will let me buy Hyacinths. I do love the smell of Hyacinths, it reminds me of Easter. They are also quite pretty but rather short lived. Essentialy, by the time I can prove my plant nurturing skills they will be out of season. I would think this is all part of Patrick's plan for me to not own anymore flowers, however, I'm pret. The ty sure he is unfamiliar with the blooming season of hyacinths. On the topic of Easter. I can't dye Easter eggs this year. Patrick only eats free range eggs or those that come from chickens in a pen. Eggs from caged chickens are not an option. The only white eggs at Real are from caged chickens. The problem arises when you remember that eggs must be hard boiled before coloring. I don't eat hard boiled eggs and Patrick will not eat them from caged chickens so the eggs will never get eaten. As such, we will have no Easter eggs. :( This will be the first year I've not colored eggs with my mom. (Mom, make some good ones for me) Maybe I can color the eggs and give them to homeless people. It would bring them happines and food. Now I'm onto something... Good Night

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