Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ranting a Bit

Due to the amazing unpredictability of my work schedule, I once again have nothing to do today. I am begining to realize this has nothing to do with me or my employer and everything to do with the industry. First of all, I am disposable. For the past week, I've been watching the director of my lanugage school interviewing new candidates. I asume they are all English teachers as the greatest demand for lessons is for English, followed by German. Another training is coming up and I no longer will be the newest teacher. With that I can assume I will get less hours. I still have yet to reach the 30 hours that were set out for me in my interview. I don't think it is possible to get that many in one week as a freelancer, nevermind as the newest teacher. I did just sign on for 12 in one day which should be interesting and exhausting but I need to do it to reach that visa quota as I will be audited April 11th. I also need to get my health insurance sorted. It seems there is so much I could be doing but I can't becasue everything is pending something else. I hope all works out and I can start my new job in April without any problems. I don't hate teaching English it is just boring for the most part. The people I meet are interesting but, other than that, there is no excitement or challenge in my day. Sometimes, the people are high ranking in their career and feel that I could not identify with them as I am only 23. More than once , a student has asked my age. I feel like not telling them because I am sure they form judgements based on this information. Sometimes, I am asked about my background. I once told a student (who is a Dr. by profession) that I finished my MBA before moving out here and she asked why I didn't have a real job. If she only could understand how difficult that is w/o an EU citizenship. I tried to oversimplify the matter for her and change the topic. But it is frustrating to think that I spent 5 years in college (4 undergrad and 1 grad) to get a job that I would have been qualified for years ago based solely on my native language. I understand why we are paid like crap but still feel that we are the liasions between the students/clients and the brand and thus should be paid better. Maybe if I were paid better I would consider going ot a company at 7:15 in the morning to teach 2 lessons. But for a total of about 20 Euros, it's just not worth me getting up and then dealing with public transportation at 6:30am. I am currently torn between keeping the teaching gig part time with my new job or quitting outright. My initial thought was to honor my year commitment and reduce my hours to one or 2 nights per week until it becomes too much. I guess the decision will be made when I find out about my visa. Tomorrow, odd job number 1, VW editing is in full swing so at least it is something different and it is 8 hours of pay so I won't complain. I'm going to go enjoy the sunshine for the rest of my day off.

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