Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Remember Activia, the yogurt with live cultures that promises to enhance your body's digestive health if you eat one a day for 14 days. Okay, it does seem like a scheme to sell yogurt and I did buy a large package this summer and give up after eating about 3 but I decided to try it out again. Today is the infamous day 3 but this time I am convinced I can make it to 14. Mostly because I have better flavors now. Maybe it was due to the extereme newness las t summer but it only existed in 3 or 4 flavors, all of them too normal for me. I was forced to buy the mainstreem strawberry and blueberry and I enjoy an alternative yogurt. I now own vanilla (not too exotic) and maracuja (this crazy fruit that looks a bit like an orange pomegranate and tastes slightly like an orange crossed with a mango). It is delicious and tropical and somehow avaliable in Germany and not hte US. On that note, I found the Spanish naval oranges again and they are still putting Cali's crop to shame. But if you want to feel good about New England you should know that cranberries are rare and exotic here and I'm pretty sure unavaliable in their sour fruit form. The juice was recently introduced, thanks to our very American Ocean Spray, in concetrated, sweetened form. I have heard complaints that you cannot find it in more than 20% fruit juice. And I have yet to locate any of the varieties (cran-apple, cran-mango, cran-lime, etc.) So I guess it's a trade off, maracuja or cranberry, I'd still pick cranberries....that would make a good yogurt, a bit tart but ever so complementary to the natural yogurt flavor.

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