Thursday, March 01, 2007


We have had a washing machine since the end of January thanks to our upstairs neighbor who bought a new one and gave us his gratis. That reminds me, I still want to get him a thanks for the wasahing machine present, any suggestions? So laundry has been much more convient and the fact that German washing machines are much smaller than American machines and take FOREVER, literaly almost 2 hours per load, has been less of a problem now that we do not rely on laundry mats. For the most part, we wash our own clothes with an occasional mixed load. When I do laundry it is seperated by colors, darks, lights and reds each have their own wash. Patrick, I recently learned, washes on themes. Yesterday I came home to find him in the middle of a wash. This wash was called "underwear and friends," I giggled and asked what is a friend of underwear...socks. This morning he asked me to hang the wash as he rushed out the door. In doing so I learned a few things; t-shirts are aparently also friends of underwear, he washed my underwear, underwear are clearly not racist as all colors made it in much to the chargrin of my formerly cream colored pair. I still giggle when I think about this impractical way of washing. I didn't pay much attentiion the time he told me he did a pants wash but now I am seeing a pattern. I think I will continue my color coded washes in spite of this new, alternative method.

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