Sunday, March 18, 2007


I think I've spent too much time in Germany, last night I had a dream about the Hoff!! It was weird becasue he was trying to talk to me and I was not impressed. Wait that's not weird because he is not impressive. But in my dream I was laughing becasue I know he is really a joke to most people, Americans and Germans. I don't want to dissapoint but the Germans are not as obsessed with him as Americans think, in fact the obsession died in the early 90's, shortly after it began. Now it mostly lives on in American sterotypes.
This photo was form a museum in Berlin dedicated to the revolution of music on culture in Germany. Please note the Hoff to the right of MJ's hand and directly under the title "Sexy New Body" I can't believe he was an international sex symbol.

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Walzi said...

I have to admit, I think Hasselhoff IS kind of cool - well, in "Knight Rider", that is. I'm still watching it from time to time (without German sync), and while the effects seem like they were outdated three hundred years ago, listening to "Hoff" talking to his car is just plain fun. (And who wouldn't want to have a grandfather like Devon!?)

- Walzi/Henner (Net98)