Monday, March 12, 2007

My Life as a Romantic Comedy

I spent this weekend in the town my boyfriend grew up in, meeting so many new people. When we visit his parents, more often than not, we stay in their guest house. This trip was no different except this time his brother was celebrating a birthday and the entire family would be in attendance. This is where the air of Meet The Fockers comes in. In addition, most of his friends from high school times were in town the same weekend and I would be meeting them all for the first time too. Before the family party I was briefed on the attendees. In total, 26 relatives would attend. The event was catered and one large table was created out of 4 smaller ones. It truly looked like something out of a movie. Patrick is a Grandma's boy and had planned to sit next to his Grandma (Oma) but she made him move and asked, rather told, me to sit next to her. She only speaks German and would not consider English so I mostly needed a translater. She asked if I had any grandmothers (I don't) and told me that I do now. She also told me that salad was for rabbits. One thing I took away from meeting Oma is that grandmas transcend cultures and continents, she reminded me so much of my mother's mother. She wore a shirt with a vest over it together with a skirt and those grandma sneakers. She gave Patrick an plain envelope with cash in it. Most distinctivly, she had perfectly set hair. It was ovious she had used rollers prior to her outing. She is 82 (so is her husband) which puts her in the same generation as my grandma who would be 90 in 2007. Anyway, I am in the process of stalking my neighbor as he accepted my package which was delivered on Saturday, despite a direct phone call to the delivery company in which they stated it would be delivered today. I must go and ring his doorbell for the fourth time this eveing. In summary, the entire weekend went well, the family and friends were all really nice. Note to Net98, welcome to my blog!

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Walzi said...

Thanks. Glad to be here at last :)
But tell us more about those friends you met in Kiel... ;)