Saturday, March 03, 2007

Politics as Usual

This post has nothing to do with Germany or my experiences but my opinion may have been influenced as I am not on the outside looking in. This is the photo that greeted me on my Yahoo home page today. Astheticaly, there is a lot to talk about here. First of all, should the President be hugging two high school aged girls like that. The one on the right looks like she is enjoying the presidential embrace while the girl on the left looks a bit creeped out. She realizes how this will look to others. Now notice the white-haired man in the top left corner. Doesn't he look like he could play Bush on TV? Given a suit and a slightly different hairstyle, he would make an excellent Presidential impersonator. Now that wwe have covered the photo, I must address the article or at least one of Bush's quotes. This is what he said to the people of Alabama who were recently devestated by a hurricane which killed 8 high school students in school "You can never heal a heart, but you can provide comfort knowing that the federal government will provide help for those whose houses were destroyed or automobiles were destroyed," Have you seen footage of New Orleans recently? Did the federal government provide adequate help there? I saw a TV show from the UK that filmed a road trip from Miami to New Orleans and when they arrived they were shocked at the current state of devestation and rightfuly so. Good luck Alabama, if there is one thing New Orleans should have taught us is that you cannot rely on the federal government in a case of major devistation on US soil. On a personal note, I will be in Berlin for the next 3 days and then possibly here for one, with any luck I will have a job interview on Thursday and then I am spending the weekend in Kiel. As such I will most likely not be on here unless I have internet access and free time or something really exciting happens. I will also not have access to my US phone number so call me today or leave a message.

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