Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Last Day in BS

In an effort to make the most of my last 24 hours in Braunschweig and to fulfill Patrick's dream of eating a one meter wurst we headed down to the Weihnachsmarkt. While he ate that rediculous beast, I had a ham sandwich followed by the German equivelant of dough boys but in bitesized form and w/o cinnamon. Weihnachsmarkts are one thing I will really miss. Above are some photos of the event. From the top; the founder of Braunschweig holding a mini version of the church u see in the background, flanked by lions, the city's mascot, me with my dough babies, Patrick with the remains of his meter making a sick face for the camera, Patrick about to begin his battle against the meat-bystanders were amazed at the size of that wurst!, the owner of the stand looking quite German, aparently he is a bit of a local legend and always partialy drunk, and the wurst in progress. haha the photos displayed opposite how I uploaded them so the story is a bit backwards. T minus 16 hours and counting...

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