Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The World via The Internet

The internet is pretty much my source of everything English, except for the occasional advertisement for an American Green Card, although that is not in German. So each day, I log into Yahoo to check my email and Yahoo automaticaly loads a second tab containing updated news. Recently, the top news headline each day involves killings. Today it was a roadside bomb, yesterday it was American soldiers, the day before Palestinian children and that is all I care to list as the backlog goes on. The thing is, it is hard for me to see any good coming out of the US when all of the news is based on fatalities in Iraq. The more I am outside of America looking in, the more I realize why others are critical of us. I watched the movie Borat in a German cinema and was embarrassed for my country. I feel like the parts of America that are comical are synomous with the reasons we are looked down upon. In that movie, there is a scene where he, as a foreign journalist, was about to sing the National Anthem at a rodeo. Before singing he started talking about Iraq and got the audience all rallied up about fighting and killing and the like. Well, he went on to screw up the national anthem and get boooooooed out but the point is these are the Americans on display for the world. We always are made to look power hungry and war loving and anyone with that image deserves to be hated by others. I guess what I am trying to point out is that it is understandable why we are not the popular country in the world and look what that has done to us. Daily death tolls of both americans and locals coming from the middle east. Are we really solving a problem, I'm just not sure.

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