Wednesday, December 06, 2006

St. Nikolaus

This morning I learned about ST. Nikolaus. I first heard the name last ngiht when Patrick wrote it on a paper and asked me to give him the paper in the morning. This morning he instructed me to look up Nikolaus on Wikipedia. I learned that in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, etc. St. Nikolaus is celebrated the night of Dec. 5th and the morning of Dec. 6th. Children put their boots outside and in the morning they find treats left by St. Nikolous. If the child has been naughty they should find coal in their boots. It is much similar to the American tradition of hanging stockings for Santa to fill (Germans don't do that). Well, my next instruction was to open the door and see if St. Nikolaus came to our apartment. I found my Nikes on our doormat filled with chocolates...a nice way to start the day. The funny thing is I saw three pairs of boots outside of our neighbor's door and thought it was cute that the whole family lined their boots up on the mat, I just assumed they were dirty and that's why they were in the hallway as people do that.

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