Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Break

So it seems that I've made it through the first semeser of my freshman year of life. I managed to have no exams this year and am planning to enjoy my last weekend here before returning home for Christmas. Somehow, this is not how I expected my freshman year to go. Moving was taken for granted but moving out of the country, I had intended to go to a city but aparently I was rejected from my first choice (NYC) so I gave up on my second choice (BOS) and decided to turn things around by going for my reach where I had an interview but acceptance was unknown. In the end, I was defered and used the first semester to improve my skills and adjust to the campus. I recieved my acceptance letter a few weeks ago and am almost officialy enrolled. Due to a miserable woman in the office who has all the power my official enrollment has been delayed but I at least have all of the proper documents to complete the process when the semester resumes. Today, I picked up my books (didn't have to buy them this time, they are on loan). Now I can enjoy Christmas break, aside from a assignment I must complete before orientation. Orientation is Monday, Januay 15th and classes start the next day. For my first week, I must attend class in Hannover at the main campus but after that my classes will all be on the local cmpus. I look foward to meeting the students and hope I get sent out on assignment. I'm planning to major in business if possible. Wow, real life really is a lot like college! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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