Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Do You Know The Marzipan Man?

Lubeck is home to Niederegger, the Godiva of Germany. Niederegger is a maker of marzipan candies and their flagship store in Lubeck is impressive. They have everything you could possibly think of made of marzipan from cakes to logs to red lobsters! They even have a marzipan based liquor, though that is imported from Spain. This year marks the 200th yead of the company and as such they created a marzipan likness of the founder (see above). In their windo display you can see things in history which have occured less than 200 years ago, of course, made of marzipan. Some of the creations included, Neopolean, the Statue of Liberty (green marzipan), Marilyn Monroe as a sex goddess, (glitterized marzipan) a famous soccer player, and the reunification of Germany symbolized by a car. It was entertaining. The store was packed out but I managed to buy some chocolates in spite of the crowd! Additionaly, they were making and selling fresh made donut like pastries in the front of the shop which made the entire place smell delicious. When I went to bed that night I noticed that my hair did not smell like smoke as it most often does when going out in Germany but like the sweets and nuts being made all around me in the martk, it was refreshing.

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Anonymous said...

I love that word - marzipan.