Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Patrick is the most un-German German I know. I say that because while he loves being German, he often does not act lick a German. For example Germans are energy consious. Patrick turns on every light in the apartment and does not think twice about going out the door without shutting them. However, Patrick finds it important to close the doors to each room so that we can conserve energy when the heat is on (the heat is almost never on). Students have bus passes in BS and most will take the bus or the Strassebahn throughout the day, not Patrick. Patrick has a car and he drives everywhere. In fact, Patrick will even drive "just down the street" to get a coke from the gas station. Germans are usualy clean cut, Patrick is most proud of his sideburns. Germans dress neatly and wear things smaller than Americans. Patrick loves his XL hoodie. The most un-German charastic about Patrick is his sense of time. Germans are very time conscious, Patrick is ALWAYS at least 5 minutes late. In fact, just today he told me that when he says we want to drive somewhere at 6am, he really means we should be on the road by 10am. I wasen't sure I hear that right so I repeated it back to him and he was not joking. That's 4 whole hours later and if I know Patrick the earliest we will be enroute to our destination is 10:15. This is Patrick but I love him. I would also like to point out that he was sleeping when I took this picture, genuine Patrick style sleeping!

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