Monday, December 11, 2006


Marburg is an interesting city. It is in the southern part of Germany, about 3 hours south of us so not completely at the bottom. It is however kind of out of the way of civilization. There is no Autobahn that reaches Marburg and Patrick tells me that it has a large student popluation which is aparent from the vast presence of the university. My two favorite things about the city are its location, on a hill and its history, aparent. Basicaly, you take an elevator to either the first or second landing and there are shops and other city center happenings on both levels completely independent of each other. There are also hidden stairways to transport between the levels. From the ground you cannot see the inner happenings of each level above. We arrived an hour early and did not know exactly how to find Patrick's friends so we figured we would check out the city and its Christmas market. We were ultimately disapointed but we didn't know about the elevator until later. Once I found out about the other levels, the city became much more loveable. Unfortunately, we just arrived on the top level when I began to not feel well so we were not really able to enjoy it. The top of the hill is home to a castle and only accessible by stairs and cobblestone road. Marburg is home to a very old University and aparently the guy that founded the University did so by stealing knowledge. He was also the builder/owner of the castle. It is also said that he has a cannon at his castle and he built a wall directly in front of the cannon which led to firing cannon balls and making holes in his own wall (the guy can found a University but can't think his defense system out). Aside from being on a hill, Marburg managed to survive the war. Basicaly the University is the only thing that was there during the war and since it is not an easily accessible town, no one wanted to capture it. The buildings were saved and the town looks as I pictured Germany. I also learned that there was a movement in the 1970's to knock down all of the buildings and replace them with "new construction" think concrete high rise buildings. This happened to some areas outside of the town center but someone came to their senses and put an end to that. The cement 70's buildings are so ugly, one was even green with pink balconies and not in a cute preppy way, more in an I would be embarrassed to live there sort of way. If you are looking for a random place to visit, I would reccomend Marburg! I also have more photos of this exucrsion on Facebook as I can only post 5 here.

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