Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flip Flops, Sunshine and Reading

Sunshine instantly makes me happy in Braunschweig. It doesn't happen often and up until yesterday any bout of winter sunshine was a sure sign of false hope. There was something about the sun that came out yesterda, I didn't even need to go outside to realize that this was the first spring sun. I quickly pinted my toe nails to prepare for my flip flops. I had plans to meet a friend around 2 and I left the house with my flip flops and velour hoodie, my jacket was safely packed in my back pack as I knew the warmpth would not last past the sun. I was right and by thr time I was walking home at 7:00 my coat was on and the tips of my toes were cold but none of it matered becasue for a few short hours, I felt spring in February. Today started out much the same with the opening of the bathroom window to confirm that the sun was once again of the warm variety. With this good fortune of two sunny days in a row, I knew I could not stay inside. I fist contemplated a run and then a bike rid but I don't enjoy running and the back tire of my bick needs some air and my book was calling. I decided to pack up my book, beach mat, a bottle of water and my cell phone and wander down to the park where I would undoubtably be able to find a sunny, spot to lay out and read in peace. I was determined to avoid the lake as the duckes and geese were nearby and the ground was moist but as I walked I noticed a bench I had never seen before sitting on a small wooden platform built into the side pond. Sitting there, I was surronded by water and the serenity of nature. Only about 100 yards away from the main road, it felt like I was miles into the countryside. Cars passed along the dirt road behind me and occasionally one would stop and a couple with their dog would get out for a stroll. I looked up from my book and a small boy was staring at me. He looked to be about 9 or 10 and he was just kind of standing there looking at me as if I were out of place. He was soon joined by a father and mother, they had come to feed the birds on my platform. The platform was larg enough that we could share but instead of moving to the left side whil I sat on the right, they stood directly in front of me feeding the ducks. I thought this would be a fleeting task and they would soon leave until I noticed that they had a whole loaf of bread and the mother was rationing it so it would last awhile. Then there was a man with a motorcycle helmet standing in the middle of them. He just kind of wandered the platform and then sat on arock on the shore. Almost as soon as he backed off, a woman wearing a purple loepard top with lace sleeves was on the platform and soon sitting on the edge of my bench. She placed her purse next to my bag and I knew she was not leaving. with all of these people in my space, there was no serenity. The boy continued to sing to the ducks and the platform shook under the movements of these 5 people. My reading was ruined and I knew I needed to finish my paragraph and slink back home. Maybe it was time, I had been there for about an hour. I decided to make the best out of it and stroll home to make a breakfast of fresh baked baguette and scrambled egg.

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Melissa said...

J- I'm worried that the blog is looking a little more Little House on the Prairie than Chic German Chick.