Thursday, February 07, 2008


I was walking behind this woman last week on my first visit to Mannheim. It should be noted that she was not with that man, they just happen to be walking near each other at this time. After a couple of minutes, I realized I needed to take her photo becasue she is the epitomy of 1994. Seriously, when I was in 5th grade, I would have been envious of her Starter jacket (although mine was Charlotte Hornetts), mini back back with beanie baby like keychains on the zipper and black stretch jeans! What you can't see is that she's also wearing knock-off Cons! She's a serious throw back and I bet she does not even have a clue. This was one of three starter jackets I saw that weekend, all with US teams. Germans are either very Euro and fashionable or way off the mark. There's just no middle ground and I see way too many scrunchies on a daily basis! If scrunchies are back, I'll eat my words but I highly doubt that is the situation. I think Germans just love the 1990's. It was a good time for the country and some people just do not want to move on aparently. Speaking of a throwback...
Completely unrelated, here's a link to my favorite internet radio station:

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Melissa said...

I assure you, scrunchies are not making a comeback.