Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bird Flu

Today after my English lesson, I walked down the street to get a wrap for dinner. As I walked, I noticed a pigeon in my path and it looked like it wasstanding over some bread. Nothing weird here as there were several restaurants on this corner but as I approached, I noticed something off, the pigeon didn't move away from pedestrian traffic. As I walked around the pigeon, I noticed it was not eating but dead and standing over a substantial pile of pigeon vomit.....eww! I know you don't want that mental image and neither did I, especially on my way to grab dinner. I took the wrap to go and only ate when I was home as I could not stomach any food after that sight. Bird flu passed through my mind but I thought it was a far fetched thought based on an article I read about bird flu activity in the Phillipines 2 weeks ago. Then I told Patrick this story because I had to tell someone and he suggested bird flu before I could mention it. I laughed it off as a far fetched thought and he pointed out that there were "not few" cases of bird flu in Germany in 2006. This is how a German would tell you there were several cases. Ahh, I want someone to examine that bird and let me know how it turns out. I'm mentally disturbed but I am not in danger of bird flu even if that is what the bird had as I know from that article that a human needs to be exposed to the bird's blood to catch the disease. I'm trying to do some internet research and find out if vomiting is a sign of bird flu and if birds die standing up on 2 feet!

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