Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Coming Soon...

Mannheim, Germany It is official, we have the apartment and the internet service has been ordered. March 1st marks the date we can finally move in. What this really means is Patrick will be living in our new apartment sans furniture and sans me for a few weeks. I'll be splitting my time if all goes well, spending a week in the new place and the better part of March here with up to 4 business trips thrown in on a once per week consistancy. The moving truck will come in April (once Patrick makes the appointment). We planned this all out last weekend. I'm trying to psych myself up but it's hard. I am really enjoying playing on a softball team here, or rather practicing since the season has not started yet. I'm finally hanging out with my English teaching friends outside of work and I see my social life forming quite nicely so I'm really not ready to start over. I guess I have the frame work to do it again, I just need to make myself realize it's worth it. I'm really happy in Braunschweig now. With all of my complaining I need to remember our new apartment will be AMAZING and Patrick is already in Mannheim and FRA is much closer. Berlin is further though so I'll have to make the most out of it when I travel to Berlin for work in 2 weeks.

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