Monday, April 30, 2007

Sorry, I was off managing Europe.

I've been away for a week. I was busy. Without sounding corney, I like to think of this of the next step in my life. I now have a full time job. The kind where I have responsibilities, one of them being to man the phone from 9-5:30. Listen to the people who tell you the 9-5 is dead. It is. Anyway, I am a bit hesitant to call it a real job because there are no tangible benefits to working freelance. Anyway, I spent the week in London training with my director and my counterpart out of South Africa. It was similar to the training set up for most college positions such as RA or Mentor in that it was a week long intensive training program. We spent all day every day together. In this situation, I feel it was incredibly effective. We all got along really well which was a plus. There was also an event semi hosted by us so I got to experience that first hand and then we went to an awards ceremony put on by a supplier which provided another first hand experience and some networking. Those of you who know me know how much I love networking. I am really looking foward to getting into this job. I think it will never get boring as there is always something to do and new ideas are welcomed all the time. My dream job includes; travel, networking, exciting topics, business suits,projects, and a good co-workers. So far, this is checking off all the criteria so I'm quite excited. The travel bit is at the forefront now as our global conference is in Miami and then I took 2 days off after the conference. I leave this Tursday so I will once again be away from the blog. I will try to squeeze one in at some point but if not, it is most likely because I chose the sunny pool over the indoor blog. Managing Europe is a tough job, a girl needs to maximize her ocean time. I'm not too optimistic about German summers although spring is turning out to be quite nice here.

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