Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Home Sweet Hops

As I step off the strassenbahn (street train) my noise is filled with the sweet smell of what I can only imagine to be hops. I must be in my neighborhood. It's funny how this smell, of which we were warned when we moved in has become so familiar to me. Whatever it is, this odor is the by product of one or both of the breweries surronding my apartment. The smell lingers outside when they are brewing but it never comes inside. Even when the windows are open, not often since its been winter, I don't smell it inside. I don't think the smell sticks either as I've never smelt it on myself or anyone else outside of our neighborhood. It's the mysterious odor that lingers in the but, it dosen't travel much further than a one block radius around the brewery. I'm still not sure where it comes from but it always reminds me of where I belong.

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