Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Weekend

In the Catholic religion (and other Christian religions), today is Holy Thursday, tomorrow is Good Friday than comes Easter Sunday and, if you are really serious, Easter Monday. In Germany today is the last day before a 4 day Easter weekend. In a land where "Seperation of Church and State" is not an issue because it simply does not exist, and neither does religious diversity for the most part, Easter is a big holiday. At this point, I'm pretty sure it is not for the religion but more of a time to be with family and relax. However, I hear religion is very regional and present in the south to a greater extent so I don't want to generalize. Anyway, I feel like it is just that Germany takes these two days off as I've missed so many one-day American holidays (President's Day, MLK Day, Veteran's Day, etc.) Not like I get paid for them though since I am not teaching. I feel like I can't complain about my teaching wages at the moment as I got an April 1st raise as a result of profits being up in Germany. Anyway, it seems like people prepare for this long weekend at least one week in advance and I am not refering to planning family visits rather planning to do all or none of their work or take to some extra vacation days in conjuction with the Easter holiday. I will be spending my Good Friday holiday cleaning the apt. as my family is too far away and my boyfriend is preparing for a major exam in 10 days and nothing will be open. I will be missing my family and their two Easter hams and their colored eggs (I don't care if the chickens do live in cages!) and the morning Easter egg hunt (can you guys still hide a few pink eggs for me) and Easter Sunday mass and talking to people on the steps afterward and generraly spending time with my family. Holidays away from your family really make you appriciate them more and take them for granted less.

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Walzi said...

Actually, we DO have separation of church and state.