Saturday, April 14, 2007


This Easter was different than any others before. It was the first Easter I didn't go to church, it was the second Easter I was away from my family as I did spend an Easter in Italy but it was the time I most anticipated missing my family. I spent Easter with Patrick and his good friends, I guess I should call them my friends now too since we did spend some time together. Anyway, for me Easter is about church and family. I was in a church but for a baptisim. It was a really nice service, the priest was great, friends sand and plaed instruments. The location and weather couldn't have been better. Somehow it just didn't feel like Easter. It was the most intense baptisim I've ever been too and everyone was so friendly and the baby, Linnea was perfectly calm. I really had a good weekend. It was my first experience with Southern Germany and my first weekend with Net98 and friends. I also think it is impressive that the 8 of them have remained so close over the past 9 years while almost all of them have lived abroad at some point or another. Luckily for me they all chose to spend some time in English speaking countries so I didn't have to over stress on a whole weekend of non-stop German. It was interesting for me at times to just sit back and watch the relatives and friends. With so many conversations happening at once, I was unable to cohesively overhear anything. In spite of the feeling of being overwhelmed, I was able to sit back, take it in and just smile. When families get together everyone talks at once, it happens, it happens in all cultures.

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Walzi said...

It's nice that you call us your friends. We certainly feel the same way. :)
By the way, not all of us have spent time in an English speaking country (well, maybe for some weeks). But we do our best ;)