Friday, February 02, 2007


Steryotypes are generalizations made about a population based on a limited sample. My observations being the limited sample, here are a few steryotypes about Germans:
  • Germans Love Hair Dye!
  • There are more bad dye jobs than good ones!
  • Trains are Not as Reliable as Everyone Claims
  • Smoking is Acceptable EVERYWHERE!
  • Germans Love Cars!
  • Germans LOVE Wurst of all sorts
  • Danny K. and the Hoff are not actualy as popular as American believe and the first is a disgrace to the culture
  • Raspberries in sugar = dessert
  • Fat in Foods is Good (I found 3.8% fat milk!)
  • Blue eyes are expected
  • Natural Blonde Hair as an Adult is not abnormal
  • Coffee and Cake is an Afternoon Ritual
  • Breakfast is only for the weekends
  • NOTHING is open on Sunday and Germans don't have a problem with htis!

I will elaborate on my favorites soon (or let me know which ones you would like me to support).

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