Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Grocery Shop = Food Store

After work today I stopped into my local grocery store (I would not go as far as calling it a supermarket but it is decent). Last night, Patrick and I decided Mozzarella and tomato would be on the menu for dinner today. I knew what to buy, I decided we also needed green olives, and quickly gathered the items. I wasen't ready to leave so I wandered. I decided red wine would complete or dinner and it was an even better idea since I don't have to work tomorrow. When I arrived in the alcohol section of the shop, I was met by a woman sampling vodka from Moscow. Who can say no to alcohol samples? Expecting a thimble sized sip, I agree to taste the vodka. She poured me a full shot! Now I see that I must somehow taste and consume a shot of vodka in the grocery store w/o a chaser. I took a sip to "taste" and then Bottoms up! I'm sure my face showed my distress. Afterwards, I decided to buy some chips and cheese dip for consumption upon my arrival home. As I walked home, I began to wish for shots ar the grocery store everyday...it would make grocery shopping more interesting. Maybe next time we can sample tequila!

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